The Mediaeval Frescoes of St Peter and St Paul’s Church

Often over-looked by sight-seers to the town, are the breath-taking frescoes adorning the walls of St Peter and Paul’s Church.  Originally commissioned in 1450, the frescoes depict some of the more gruesome and exciting passages from the Bible including George slaying the dragon, the Descent into Hell and the beheading of John the Baptist.  In fear that the paintings were too distracting for the parishioners of Pickering, the frescoes were hidden from view by white-wash probably at the time of the Reformation.  The paintings hung undiscovered for hundreds of years and were only unveiled when the church underwent extensive restoration.  Restored by 1895, they are extremely rare and are visited by people paying pilgrimage from across the world.

For keen sleuths who love a challenge – search for the hooded monk in the church’s stained glass windows; blink and you’ll miss him!

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